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Visa Documents

The points mentioned below are to be noted duly:

The travel insurance should be issued from UK or Germany and must have applicant’s name mentioned on it! It should clearly mention the date in concurrence with Applicant’s stay and should contain a minimum value of 30,000 pounds!

Documents required for Germany visa's issuance-

  • Incomplete applications are not accepted by the visa centre.
  • The documents mentioned in the application are mandatory. Any document missing the list can become the reason of rejection.
  • Documents mentioned below are to be obtained from the sources mentioned here. Documents from other sources will not be accepted by the visa centre.
  • Applicants applying for employment visa have to submit their travel and personal details including flight tickets, accommodation, financial status and other details.
  • Incomplete document may delay the procedure unnecessarily.
  • The applications that are rejected once will not be entertained further. The Applicant needs to fill a new application form.
  • The mentioned documents are required. However, the visa centre may ask applicants to submit additional documents, if required.
  • The photographs and documents must be updated and recent ones.

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List of Required Documents-

  • Original Documents for verification process
  • Duly Signed Valid Passport – Original & Photocopy with at least two Blank Pages & valid for at least 90 days
  • Duly Signed UK Residence Permit – Original & Photocopy Valid for at least 90 days to your return from Germany or any other Schengen country.
  • Two Passport format photographs – recent, one that is taken within 30 days and must display facial features along with the applicant’s head

List of Supporting Documents-

  • Proof of Occupation, business, students or any other financial source
  • For issuance of Employment Visa
    • Offer Letter by Employer duly signed & stamped, Original letter must be submitted to the embassy on the company’s letter head along with the pay slips (last three months, If valid)
    • For students applying for employment Visa, an original Letter, duly signed & stamped, from a UK College/ University/ School/ Educational Institution that depicts the persons study’s status within the last 30 days and a recommendation that must confirm applicant’s enrolment
    • Original Self Employment Letter within last 30 days, Duly signed & stamped (If valid) from the applicant and (if required) Letter from the applicant’s accountant( in case an accountant deals with applicant’s company accounts)
    • In case the applicant is unemployed or retired from the services and if he / she is receiving benefits then original letter from pension service department or the local job centre ( whichever is applicable)
  • Sponsored Applicants ( in case the applicants are unable to pay for various reasons and are sponsored by someone else):
    • Adult Child or Spouse
      • Birth Certificate / Marriage Certificate (If in case the birth or marriage happened outside UK, Certified Translation in English or German) – Original & Copy
      • Passport of the Adult child or Spouse – Original & Copy
      • Occupational Proof ( In case the adult child / spouse is working) – as per Section B sub section (a/b/c)( whichever is applicable)
      • Duly signed Cover letter regarding the sponsorship
    • Other person
      • Obligation Declaration from German Embassy in London, in case the sponsor is UK Citizen / Obligation Declaration from local authority, in case the sponsor is German Citizen
    • Proof of Funds
      • Last 3 months’ account statements from a UK bank that displays the applicant’s name and complete mailing address. The ledger balance has to be at least 50 pounds a day if stay is in Schengen area, except accommodation & travel fees
      • Traveler’s cheque that is provided by the native banks. This cheque may be cashed from the designated bank in the foreign country
    • Travel Proof ( by Air, Road and Sea along with valid bills)
      • Confirmed return tickets with the applicant’s name & date of travel, stated clearly on it
      • In case, the applicant is travelling by his/her own car – Registration and Insurance details of the car with bills (Tunnel toll / Ferry travel) with the registration details of the car on it along with his/her license. In case the applicant has hired a certified driver for the entire journey, a duly signed Cover letter with the applicant’s name and travel details on it as a declaration of employment by the driver.
      • Travel Agency paid tickets – original Invoice with the applicant’s name on it as the payee & payment confirmation from the agency
    • Proof of accommodation
      • The applicants are required to provide original Invoice with their name , travel date and accommodation address on it, duly signed and stamped by the accommodation provider
      • In case, a Travel agency has booked your travel, a duly stamped & signed Travel confirmation letter with details of the person who booked the accommodation on it and proof that applicant stayed.
      • Group travel must include the applicant’s name

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance should be issued from UK or Germany and must have applicant’s name mentioned on it! It should clearly mention the date in concurrence with Applicant’s stay and should contain a minimum value of 30,000 pounds!